ISS3011 Book Heortling of Mythology – Special Edition Convention Chimériades (2009)

Submitted by Jeff on Mon, 26/10/2009 – 18:38


Preview edition for Convention Chimériades (2009).

This book contained the entire corpus of Orlanthi mythology known to Greg at the time. At 184 pages it is the largest Stafford Library Book to date (and 50% bigger than the HeroQuest Core Rules).

The Book of Heortling Mythology contains scores of myths never before seen in print:

  • When Orlanth was a Prisoner
  • Orlanth and Sh’harkazeel
  • Orlanth and the Thunder Weapons
  • Ernalda’s Other Husbands
  • Kodig the King
  • Lifebringer variants
  • The Three Otherworlds
  • The Death of Heort
  • The Stampede
  • Talosa the Snake Goddess
  • The book also contains comprehensive lists of ever Orlanthi god, hero, and demon known to Greg.
  • And much much much more!!!!

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