ISS3011 Book Heortling of Mythology – Special Edition Convention Chimériades (2009)

Submitted by Jeff on Mon, 26/10/2009 – 18:38


This book contained the entire corpus of Orlanthi mythology known to Greg at the time. At 184 pages it is the largest Stafford Library Book to date (and 50% bigger than the HeroQuest Core Rules).

The Book of Heortling Mythology contains scores of myths never before seen in print:

  • When Orlanth was a Prisoner
  • Orlanth and Sh’harkazeel
  • Orlanth and the Thunder Weapons
  • Ernalda’s Other Husbands
  • Kodig the King
  • Lifebringer variants
  • The Three Otherworlds
  • The Death of Heort
  • The Stampede
  • Talosa the Snake Goddess
  • The book also contains comprehensive lists of ever Orlanthi god, hero, and demon known to Greg.
  • And much much much more!!!!

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