Contents of CHA4501 Wyrm’s Footprints


Walktapus Cookery

Red Moon in Prax

A Village Near Alone

Temple of the Wooden Sword

Sea of Neliom

The Carving of Tarsh

The God Learners

Introduction to the Surface World

The Last Song of Horned-Ulf

Gods & Goddesses of Glorantha

1 Myths of Pre-Creation

2 The Celestial Court

3 Deities of Darkness

4 Spirits of the Sea

5 Goddesses of the Earth

6 Gods of Fire & Light

7 Gods of Storm

7a Orlanth and his Kin

The Halfbird

Convince the Examiners

Starbrows Rebellion

Famous Trolls of the Hero Wars

Sartar High Council

Dragons Past

Character Stats

Last Word