Wyrm’s Footnotes 15 (2012)

88 pages.

Issue Cover

Table of Contents

  • Adventure Time with Sandy Petersen (p3)
  • Archive Runequest Miniatures (p7)
  • Special Dragon Pass Encounters (p11)
  • Upland Marsh Locations (p15)
  • Delecti the Necromancer (p28)
  • Tribes of Sartar (p30)
  • Songs of the House of Sartar (p32)
  • Sun Dome County (p35)
  • The Far Place (p40)
  • Campaigns of Dragon Pass (p49)
  • War in Glorantha (p58)
  • The Battle of Night and Day (p63)
  • Magical Regiments in the Hero Wars (p73)
  • Making King of Dragon Pass 2.0 (p78)
  • Why Chaos is bad (p80)
  • Wyrms Footnotes Index (p81)

Art and Maps

Jennel Jaquays, Phil Andersen, Simon Bray, Yurek Chodak, William Church, Gene Day, Colin Driver, Alberto Foche, Max Heim, Duck Nicolson, and Valentina Romagnoli