Wyrm’s Footnotes 06

The Chaosium 1979 Glorantha RQ2 Greg Stafford Magazine

An armoured troll carrying a severed head.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial, Greg Stafford (p2)
  • History of the Dark Trolls, Greg Stafford (p6)
  • Rambling Rune, Steve Perrin (p16)
  • The Greater Deities, Greg Stafford (p24)
  • Sporewood, Greg Stafford (p31)
  • Character & Monster Sheets, John Sapienza (p32)
  • The Fadabius Letters, Jim McCormick (p40)
  • The Dark Trolls Are Here, William Church (p42)
  • LotMS Errata, Lynn Willis (p43)
  • Review: Knights of the Round Table, Steve Lortz (p44)
  • Languages of Dragon Pass, Greg Stafford (p45)

Art Credits

Roland Brown, William Church, Tom Clark, Gene Day, Don Farkas, Steve Oliff, Noah Stafford, Steve Swenston, David Voight