Wyrm’s Footnotes 03

The Chaosium 1977 Glorantha Boardgame Greg Stafford Magazine with 3 Counters [200 copies]

A magician with familiar.

Table of Contents

  • Editorial Ramblings (p4)
  • Arduin Grimoire (p8)
  • Wanderlore (p9)
  • Moving On… (p11)
  • Combat Results Table NR. 4 (p13)
  • Aram-Ya-Udram (p14)
  • The Ivory Plinth (p15)
  • Wanted! Game Designs (p16)
  • Runes (p17)
  • The Battle of Dunstop Castle (p27)
  • The Dispatch of Fadabius (p35)
  • Let the Battle Begin! (p37)
  • Sisters of Mercy (p38)
  • Letters (p39)
  • Capsule Review… Ogre (p41)
  • Next Issue (p42)

Artists This Issue

Steve Swenston, Mel Laybourn, William Church, Tom Clark, Winchell Chung, Steve Oliff