CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Chapter 15 Spirits & the Spirit World Q&A

Answers by Jason Durall, RuneQuest Line editor

Spirit Combat (page 366)

In the “Resolving spirit combat” section it states “Tie: A tie (where both participants succeed but achieve the same quality of result) means the situation is temporarily unresolved. If both participants rolled a critical success, the result is a tie. Both parties do spirit combat damage to the other.”

Does this mean in a case of a tie (same quality of result) both parties do spirit combat damage to one another only on a critical, or in all cases of a tie?

On a critical. That’s the order of the instructions.

In the “Attacking with weapons and spells” section an attack is resolved normally but opposed by a the spirit’s spirit combat skill.

Does this mean an attacker rolls for the quality of the result based on their normal attack chance (i.e. they will get a crit, special, normal, fail, fumble) opposed by the spirit rolling for their quality of success based on their spirit combat skill? That is how I interpreted it, but if so on a tie does the spirit and/or corporeal entity take damage.? The example in the section shows a magic point reduction but not the opposed roll.

You have interpreted it correctly.

Attacking with Weapons and Spells (page 369)

  • Temporary damage boosts from Rune spells do harm spirits
  • Temporary damage from spirit magic does not harm most spirits.

What about temporary damage boosts from sorcery spells.  Do they harm spirits or not?

It’s one of those things I suspect the designer never thought of, but I would say yes, as sorcery is based on manipulation of the Runes, like Rune magic.

There seems to be the emphasis that corporeal beings can harm spirits with spells such as disrupt. 

Can discorporate shamans harm spirits with disrupt or is that possible only because the spirit attacking corporeal beings has manifested on the mundane plane?

The latter. (Though this might be revised. I’ll discuss with the author of that chapter.)

Regions of the Spirit World (page 374)

Last paragraph rewritten/replaced with “Moving deeper into the Spirit World imposes a modifier to Spirit Travel. Each step away from the Inner Region reduces the shaman’s Spirit Travel skill by -10% per step. Returning has the opposite modifier. It is always easier to return in the direction of the Inner World.” (Part of Second printing corrections).

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