CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Chapter 10 Magic Q&A

Official Answers by Chaosium

Vasana’s Saga (page 245)

it says said that Harmast and Yanioth, not being initiated, are standing outside the circle during the ceremony, on the other side of the guards. After the Red Swordswoman has been defeated, it says here that Harmast shows Vasana the scars that the Red Swordswoman gave him. Now, unless these are pre-existing scars that he is now flashing at Vasana, how did Harmast get scarred during the ceremony, if he was all that way outside the circle of guards? Was this ceremonial battle a big free-for-all ?

Apparently Harmast and Yanioth respected the circle, while the Red Swordswoman did not. It’s the spirit of Jar-eel, who massacred pretty much everyone in a huge area when she showed up in the flesh. 

Spells (page 247)

Types of Spells (page 247)

Where can I find the rule about concentrate in the rulebook? Mentioned in the last sentence of this post.

Page 247, under Active Spell (rules that apply to all magic). It’s also mentioned again in the chapter on Spirit Magic (p255). 


Riding while Spellcasting

Is it possible to cast a spell while riding a mount? if it is how does that interact with movement?

Ultimately this is situational. The answer would be for the gamemaster to determine, based on:

  • What’s the rider’s relative skill?
  • Are they used to casting spells while riding?
  • Is the spell active vs. passive?
  • What type of mount is it? Is it used to a rider?
  • What speed is the mount moving at?
  • What’s the terrain and environment?
  • Is it a chaotic battle, or is it a relatively open plain?

The gamemaster could call for a Ride roll, a concentration check. If undistracted, I’d allow the mount’s regular movement.

Jeff says, “this is why chariots are preferred by many Gloranthan magicians and why there are chariot rules in the game.”

Holding Spells

Is it possible to hold spells? instead of casting or aborting a given spell it it possible to instead wait to cast it at a later time?

It depends on the the situation.

Is the caster just holding off, or is this some sort of “overwatch” situation, holding a spell while hoping to get it in a split-second before another action?

The gamemaster should handle these on an ad hoc basis, with the relevant situation calling for a DEXx5 roll, an opposed DEX or INT roll, etc. depending on circumstances.

Enchantment (page 249)

In RQ3 there were armouring enchantments to increase armour, and strengthening enchantment to increase either location or general HP.

I can’t see these in RQG ? Have they gone for gone away ? Am I not looking properly ? Are they coming back in a different supplement ?

They’re discussed briefly on pages 249-250. They’ve been de-emphasized as they were historically woefully abused.

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