CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Chapter 09 Passions & Reputation Q&A

Official Answers by Chaosium

Basic Passions (page 233)

Devotion (deity) (page 233)

Devotion (deity) is described in RQG page 26 and page 233; but I think there’s only one example of a use in play (regarding insults to a character’s deity). Any good examples of what character actions may result in checks in Devotion? Doing what the cult’s favored Passions describe? Getting to 90% in Devotion requires a lot of seasonal checks. [Edit:  I guess using Devotion as an augment quite often …]

The gamemaster might call for a check on Devotion when an adventurer doesn’t respond to something their god/cult favors: 

An Ernaldan ignoring something despoiling the earth 

A Babeester Gor cultist ignoring a call for vengeance 

A Chalana Arroy cultist ignoring the wounded or sick

An Issaries priest failing to do something about a threat to free trade 

A Lhankor Mhy scholar turning away from the pursuit of truth, or allowing knowledge to be destroyed 

More positive examples might be: 

An Odayla hunter getting the chance to encounter (and perhaps defend) bears in the wild

An Orlanthi building a temple in the mountaintops 

Helping expand the reach of the Seven Mothers cult 

A Storm Bull resisting the chance to settle a conflict peaceably and instead hulking out 

For an inspiration, it basically it boils down to “Is this action in line with my cult’s beliefs and based on my own devotion?” 

Hate (Group or Individual) (page 233)

Just to make absolutely sure: If the Passion is Hate, the object of the hate is always the people of the homeland, not the homeland itself (so Hate (Esrolians) not Hate (Esrolia), but Loyalty is always to the Homeland (so Loyalty (Esrolia)). But if it is the Lunar Empire, your Passion is always (Lunar Empire), even with Hate (Lunar Empire)?

That’s the general rule, yes. The Empire itself is a political entity that occupies many countries, so you’d hate it just like you’d Hate (Republican Party) or Hate (ISIS).

Vasana example (page 237)

Vasana (while travelling with Biturians caravan) meets Vishi Dunn, a Sable Rider, and is super suspicious of him (on the account they collaborated with Lunars). BUT everywhere else in the book so far and in Vishi’s sample adventurer sheet it is said that he is from the Blue Lama Tribe and therefore a Lama Rider? I think this example would make a lot more sense if it was about Vostor, since he is a Lunar Tarshite.

Replace the entire example with this:

Example: Vasana has a Hate (Lunar Empire) Passion at 90%. When joining Biturian Varosh’s caravan as one of its guards, this is put to the test when she realizes that Vostor, one of the other guards, is a former Lunar soldier and an initiate of the Chaos-loving Seven Mothers.

Her Hate would naturally make her want to distrust and possibly even attack the mercenary, but she has also sworn fealty to Biturian during the term of her employment, and thus Vasana’s player decides that her Honor 90% is the relevant Passion to oppose her Hate (Lunar Empire). She rolls a 06 for Honor, a special success, and a 41, a normal success for her Hate. As the special success is superior to the normal success, the gamemaster announces that Vasana’s Honor overrides all—she would sooner die than break an oath she swore. Furthermore, the gamemaster determines that Vasana is not only willing to accept the newcomer, she is intrigued by him.

She asks how Vostor came to be one of Biturian’s guards. He tell how his Honor and Loyalty to his commander was challenged when a new regime within the empire took hold of the army. Faced with imprisonment or assassination, he looked to Seven Mothers teachings and deserted to seek his own path in the world.
Vasana decides that this is good enough, though others in the caravan find it an odd situation.

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