CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Chapter 08 Runes Q&A

Official Answers by Chaosium

Using Runes (page 227)

It states “An Elemental Rune may be used to augment the adventurer’s
chance with a single non-combat skill within its skills category,” but in the example given it states that Vasana is going to try to augment her Broadsword skill by becoming inspired by her Air Rune. Which clearly isn’t a non-combat skill. I’m confused.

Ignore the use of the word “non-combat” in this instance. In this case, the Air Rune governs all Manipulation skills, which fundamentally overlap with combat skills. Furthermore, swords fall under the influence of the Air Rune (see page 49) so they would use that Rune.

Conflicting Runes Example (page 230)

In the example on page 230, right column, the Pendragon rule of “high roll wins a tie of opposed rolls” seems to be used.

But that isn’t right, is it? Considering that the updated pdf has changed the ambiguous wording on page 144.


Personality Disputes (page 230)

Typo in the 4th sentence of 1st paragraph, 2nd Example (Vostor Son of Pyjeem is traveling…) on page 231.

“Vostor s uncertain.”     >>>    “Vostor is uncertain. “


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