CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha – Chapter 03 Pregenerated Adventurers Q&A

Official Answers by Chaosium

This section covers pages 84-97:

Vasana Farnan’s Daughter (page 84)

Passions (page 85)

Add Love (family) 60%.

Armor (page 85)

bronze greaves and vambraces (5 pts.)

Armor, page 85

change to

bronze greaves and vambraces (6 pts.)

Vasana Hit Locations’ table


Right Leg1-46/4
Left Leg5-86/4
Right Arm13-155/3
Left Arm16-186/3

Vasana Attacks’ table (page 85)


Battle Axe551D8+2+1D478
Medium Shield551D4+1D4812

Yanioth Vareena’s Daughter (page 86)

Yanioth Attacks


Battle Axe551D8+2+1D468

Harmast Baranthos’ Son (page 88)

The starting equipment for Noble characters (p.70) does not include any armour on abdomen hit location, as Bronze (Plate) Cuirass only protects chest. The same problem is with the character Harmast (p.88), whose equipment is based on this list. Notably, the Harmast’s hit location table (p.89) still incorrectly states that he has 6 AP on abdomen.

I suppose the “Bronze/Plate Cuirass” on both these places should actually be Bronze Plate, Segmented (according to the table on p.215).

Yes, read that as a hauberk.

It’s been corrected in Harmast’s writeup for future publications.

Harmast Attacks (page 89)

changes supersede Second printing corrections below:

Battle Axe401D8+2+1D468
One-handed Javelin451D6+1D458
Thrown Javelin451D10+1D21

Javelin line is replaced with 2 Javelin weapons of “Javelin, One-handed 45 1D8+1D4 5 7” and “Javelin, Thrown 45 1D10 1 -“. (Part of Second printing corrections). PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS SECOND PRINTING CORRECTION HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED (see above).

Vishi Dunn (page 90)

Hit Points (page 90)

Change Hit Points: 13 to Hit Points: 14

Vishi Dunn Attacks (page 91)



Vostor Son of Pyjeem (page 92)

Skills (page 92)

Change Perception +0% to Perception +5%

Vostor Attacks (page 92)



Vostor doesn’t have the Fire rune, so how can he cast his Summon Fire Elemental (small) spell?

Seven Mothers initiates can Summon / Dismiss Elementals (max 1pt) using the Moon rune, but cannot Summon / Dismiss any form of Air Elemental. 

Sorala Daughter of Toria (page 94)

While currently preparing to run the Quickstart with the full fledged RuneQuest – Roleplaying in Glorantha rule set I’ve compared the descriptions of the pre-generated characters in the Quickstart and in the core rules. Most changes are minimal, but for Sorala there is an important change in available magic. While she has several Spirit Spells available in the Quickstart, these disappeared completely in her description in the core rules (as well as in the Gamemaster Screen Pack), and instead she got some Sorcery Techniques and several Sorcery Spells.

While I understand the addition of the Sorcery Techniques and Spells (“…  and even the paths of sorcery are among my specialities. …”), and I understand the missing Spirit Spells because of the following entry in the Adventurer Creation process Step 6, p.73:

But I’m not so sure about the consequences. Does that mean, that an adventurer, which starts with learning Cult Sorcery, is not at all allowed to learn Cult Spirit Magic. Or does he have to make this decision in the beginning only, but is still able to learn Cult Spirit Magic later?

Sorala’s magic choices in the Quickstart were made entirely for expediency. It didn’t seem a good use of space in the rules section of the Quickstart adventure to include sorcery—even in abbreviated form—as her sorcery spell choices would have been fairly ineffectual during the adventure. 

Use the rules from the core book as written. The rules for creating adventurers address their prior experience and training and are not life-long restrictions. 

Lhankor Mhy cult members, for example, can learn cult spirit magic later. His description on page 298 has the spirit magic offered by the cult. 

Sorala Attacks (page 92)


Battle Axe351D8+2+1D468
Thrown Axe651D6+1D216

Nathem Son of Nhean (page 96)

Nathem Attacks (page 92)


Long Spear251D10+1+1D4310

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