Starry Wisdom #1 (1996)

  • Create Your Own Adventure Contest – This is a contest that we ran for three issues. The final deadline is September 31 1997, and thus we have opted not to reprint it here. Winners will appear in future Starry Wisdoms
  • Words of Wisdom – An editorial, from editor Dustin Wright. 
  • Credits – Who did what on issue #1. 
  • Why Chaosium Is – Greg Stafford on Chaosium. 
  • Pick a Card: The Kitab Al-Azif – A card file for mythos. 
  • The Artists’ Bazaar – A listing of artist info for Mythos. We don’t want to post outdated information, so this is the listing from our newest Starry Wisdom . 
  • The Dreamlands – A graphical preview of our since released supplement for Mythos. See instead our Dreamlands page. 
  • In the Stars – Upcoming products from Winter 1997. See instead our Upcoming Products page. 
  • MSGS FAQs – FAQs specifically for MSGS. See instead our Mythos FAQ page. 
  • View from Zenith – Rob Heinsoo on the future of Glorantha, at least as it appeared in Winter 1997. 
  • Starry Wisdom of Glorantha – Rumors about the celestial mechanics of Glorantha. 

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