Wyrd 7 (1975)

Title: Wyrd 
Item Code: No. 7 
Type: Literary fanzine 
Copyright: 1977 by Greg Stafford 
Editor(s): Greg Stafford 
Artwork: Breman Bach, Morno, and Mel Laybourne 
Place of Publication: Albany, California, United States 
Printer: n/a 
Format: 72 page softcover, stapled 
ISBN: n/a 
Cover Price: $2.50 
Mass: 136g 
Dimensions: length 21cm, width 17.6cm, thickness .5cm 


“The Cat with Yellow Eyes” by Dirk van Nouhuys 
“The Other Ark” by Greg Stafford 
“In the House of the Cosmic Frog” by Morno (Brad Schenck) 
“Logan” by Paul Edwin Zimmer 
“How Dennis by Means of Prowess Gat Him Published of Caxton” by Dennis Peyton 
“The El Elf” by Ben G. Price III 
“Lost Worlds” by Mel Laybourne and Stephanie Stearns 
“The Whole Truth” by Wayne Hooks 
“No One Notices Fat Ladies” Phoebe Solomon 

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