Wyrd 6

Wyrd Pubs 1975 N/A N/A The Magazine of Illustrated Fantasy Edited by Greg Stafford

Title: Wyrd 
Item Code: No. 6 
Type: Literary fanzine 
Copyright: 1976 by Greg Stafford 
Editor(s): Greg Stafford 
Artwork: Tom Clark, Mike Chase, Al Cox, Gene Day, Mike Dziewulski, Ernest Hogan, Randy Holmberg, Mel Laybourne, Steve Oliff, Mark Roland, Mark Schrimeister, Peter Stokes, and Steve Swenston 
Place of Publication: Albany, California, United States 
Printer: n/a 
Format: 92 page softcover, stapled 
ISBN: n/a 
Cover Price: $2.50 
Mass: 142g 
Dimensions: length 21.5cm, width 17.4cm, thickness .6cm 


“Norman’s Intended” by Jack Goodstein 
“A Sudden Storm in Spring” by Paul Edwin Zimmer 
“Speaking Out” by Phillip Corwin 
“Gunfighter” by Steve Orliff 
“Distribution” by Gordon Linzner and Stephen Gregg 
“Ballad of Borrell” by Gordon Linzner 
“Manabozho and the Lacrosse Game” by Greg Stafford and Mark Roland 
“Weird, Weirder” by Deirdre Evans 
“Adventures of Mr. Moon” by Al Cox 
“The Experiment” by John Di Prete 
“A Fable” by Chet Gottfried 
“A Foolish/Ghoulish Mistake” by Sol Kaneman 
“Terror Across Time” by Mel Laybourne and Stephanie Stearns 
Movie Review: Conan the Barbarian 
“Taken” by Stephanie Stearns 
“Nocturnal Nemesis” by Stephanie Stearns 
“The Wolves of Severtatis” by Phyllis Ann Karr 


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