Enclosure 2 (1998)

Produced by the Seattle Farmers Collective in 1998, this is the program book for Glorantha Con VII, Los Angeles.

Table of Contents

  • Gaming SFC Style (Neil Robinson)
  • It Takes a Thief (Rich Staats)
  • The Grazers (David Dunham)
  • The Silkmane Clan (Martin Hawley)
  • Spirits of the Silkmane (Danny Bourne, Richard Faragher, Martin Hawley, and Duncan Rowlands)
  • Yanastan River-Laugher’s Guide to Esrolia (David Dunham)
  • Vanch Geography (Harald Smith)
  • Recordkeeping in Alkoth (Harald Smith)
  • Alkoth During the Hero Wars (Martin Laurie)
  • Herocults of the Red Path (Martin Laurie)
  • How Many Heroes? (Martin Laurie)
  • Mitchuinn Moonhater, a History of a Hero (Martin Laurie)
  • How Theya Two-Mothers Avenged Leikashearth (Pam Carlson)
  • The Conquest of Mahzanelm (Harald Smith)
  • The Daughters of Vingkot (Stephen Martin with Jeff Richard)
  • Rastalulf’s Saga (Jeff Richard and Greg Stafford)
  • How Zorak Zoran Became the Lord of Death (Stephen Martin)
  • How Taker Took the Elves (Shannon Appel)
  • The Fall of Heliakal (Harald Smith)
  • How Vingkot Defended Kerofinela (Stephen Martin)
  • How Inora Preserved Ice Mountain (David Dunham with Stephen Martin)
  • The Allegory of the Hill of Gold (Stephen Martin)
  • The Hill of Gold Heroquest (Stephen R. Marsh)
  • A Story About Elmal (David Hall)
  • The Storm Age (Greg Stafford)
  • Orlanth’s Ring (Greg Stafford)
  • The Vingkotlings (Greg Stafford)
  • Kindstrife (Greg Stafford)
  • Aggar (David Millians)
  • Lesser Magic (David Millians)
  • Tales of Creation (David Millians)
  • Clan Storm Bear (David Millians)
  • Yinkin, God of Alynxes (Jeff Erwin)
  • Fonrit: A Player’s Introduction (David Dunham)
  • Afadjann (Simon Bray)
  • Life in Afadjann (Martin Hawley)
  • Hombori Tondo (Martin Hawley)
  • A Letter from Fonrit (Neil Robinson)
  • The Military Forces of Hombori Tondo (Duncan Rowlands)

Art Credits

  • Avenging Daughter (cover by Stefano Gaudiano, Justin Norman, and Brian Sandelbach)
  • Alkoth (back cover by Mike O’Connor)
  • Miscellaneous art (Simon Bray, Sean Drew, Aries Galindo, Stefano Guadiano and the Opal team (Gary Amaro, Mike Christian, Justin Norman, Brian Sandelbach), Jeffrey Noh, Mike O’Connor)

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