Enclosure 1 (1997)

Produced by the Seattle Farmers Collective in 1997, this is a convention booklet for Glorantha Con V, Victoria.

Highlights include:

  • PenDragon Pass – Rules for Glorantha
  • Alkoth – The City, the Culture, and the cult of Shargash
  • Peoples of Heroquests of Dragon Pass
  • Saga of the Vingkotlings
  • Gloranthan Fiction
  • Gods and Goddesses of the Lunar Empire

Table of Contents

  • Orlanthi Lore
    • Tribes and Clans of the Quivini in the 1350s (Jeff Richard)
    • Map of Quiviniland (Mike O’Connor)
    • Internet Resources
    • The Champion’s Potion (David Hall)
    • Heroquesting in Taming of Dragon Pass (Jeff Richard)
    • A Pilgrimage to Kero Fin (David Dunham)
    • A Summons of Evil (David Dunham)
    • A Heretical Truth (Jeff Richard)
    • Errarthssaga (Elise Bowditch & Robin Laws)
    • Heroquesting in East Ralios (David Dunham)
    • The Saga of the Vingkotlings (Jeff Richard & Greg Stafford)
    • Oskulssaga (Robin Laws & Elise Bowditch)
    • Kallyr’s Flame (Stephen Martin)
    • Kallyr Starbrow: A Brief Biography (Jane Williams)
    • A Huscarl’s Lament (Martin Laurie & Neil Robinson)
    • The Fall of Mirin’s Cross (Martin Laurie)
    • Maxiumum Game Fun (Michael O’Brien)
    • Words on War (Martin Laurie)
    • Orlanthi Magic in Battle (Martin Laurie)
    • Ernaldans at War (Pam Carlson)
    • It’s the Little Things That Make All the Difference (R. Andrew Bean)
    • How to Tell the Barbarians Apart (Mike Dickinson, David Dunham & Jeff Richard)
    • The Greeting (Jeff Richard)
    • The Grazers (in the 1300s) (David Dunham)
    • Cattle in Quiviniland (Jeff Richard)
  • PenDragon Pass
    • Rules for Glorantha (David Dunham & Jeff Richard)
  • Alkoth and the Empire
    • Alkothi Tourist Information
    • The Cult of Shargash (Pam Carlson & Martin Laurie)
    • A Visitor’s Guide to Alkoth (Pam Carlson)
    • We Hate Darjiin Usurpers (Martin Laurie)
    • The Initiation of a Destroyer (Martin Laurie)
    • The Tale of the Emperor Lukarius (Pam Carlson)
    • The Gates of Alkoth (Dennis Hoover & Martin Laurie)
    • History of the Elevens (Martin Laurie)
    • What My Father Told Me: Dara Happan Culture (Pam Carlson)
    • Alkoth at War (Martin Laurie)
    • The Wooden Bull (Martin Laurie)
    • The Weeders (Greg Stafford)
    • Gods and Goddesses of the Lunar Empire (Greg Stafford)
    • The Star Tower of Alkoth (Dave Pearton)

Art Credits

  • The Enclosure (Mike O’Connor)
  • Orlanthi Lore (illustrated by Mike O’Connor)
  • PenDragon Pass: Rules for Glorantha (illustrated by Mike O’Connor and Stefano Gaudiano)
  • Alkoth and the Empire (illustrated by Mike O’Connor)

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