Convention Report – Gloranthacon VIII, Canada (2003)

Convention Report: Gloranthacon 2003By Jeff Kyer
Gloranthacon VIII Organizer and Sacrificial King

Almost exactly six months ago, the Glorantha Tribe gathered in North America. Gloranthacon, a proud tradition, had been neglected in recent years, but on March 7-9, 2003, it was revived – though the weather nearly froze it solid again. Over 100 people met at the Colony Hotel in Toronto, Canada for a weekend of fun, festivites, and excellent food. Not only were the ‘usual suspects’ to be seen, but quite a few new faces, too. Greg Stafford and Mark Galeotti were the guests of honour, with John Hughes serving as the con’s wyter – not physically present but oft thought of. Other guests included such luminaries as Sandy Petersen, David Dunham, Martin Laurie, Robin D. Laws, Roderick Robertson, and Ken Rolston. Local writer James Maliszewski put in an appearance, as did HeroQuest artist Heather Bruton.

I may not be the best person to make a report – I never saw a thing!

The GTA Dinner was a feast. And those who journeyed so far were rewarded – Rick Meints had brought preview copies of HeroQuest from Issaries for each member, varying in size according to rank. Much fun was had by all.

One of the highlights of the con was Mark Galeotti’s “Birth of the Goddess” LARP, which made its debut at Gloranthacon. (For all of those wondering where on the lozenge Cogwheel The Mostali had gotten to, I appologize!) But it looked like everyone was having a blast.

Along with boardgames and miniatures (such as Roderick’s HeroBand) there was many a HeroQuest adventure – hopefully they are harbingers for the future.

I’d like to thank David Cheng, Mark Galeotti, Nick Brooke, and Rick Meints for assistance and advice from afar. The con also could not have happened with out the loyal and stalwart assistance of the Toronto Con Ring: Paul Rocchi, Andrew Armstrong, Steve White, Brian Laxson, Bryan Feir, and Maxi Rose all worked like heroes to pull off the convention with style and panache. Thanks guys (and gal!) – I couldn’t have done it with out you. And last but not least, without the love, care, and support of Melanie Kyer, I probbaly would have gone mad at some point. Mel made the Con-Suite a haven for peace, tranquility, and really bad singing.

Thanks to those who came up to brave the Candian cold (it was 15 C only 2 days before the convention started). For those of you who couldn’t come, we missed you. Come next time!

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